Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby turns three today,  and since baby number 3 was due a few days later, Lindsay was smart and hosted her party a few weeks early.  Abby is so girlie...she loves all things pink, lip gloss, nail polish, stick on earrings, jewelery and purses.  So in honour of her birthday Lindsay and I took the cousins to get their nails painted at this salon that had a special kids chair.  The two besties were so excited for their big girl outing with Linds and I.  

They were perfect little ladies the entire time and sat still including letting their fingernails dry.

Then we went back to have dinner and celebrate Abby Girl.  We let the boys and Nana and Popa join us for the princess themed birthday party.  We made the cousins pose for a picture and say cheese...this is what we got.  They have the funniest mouths when they say cheese.

Lindsay and I also posed for our pregnant sister picture.

Uncle Jared made homemade chicken fingers and fries since Happy Meals are Abby's favourite.  The kid's meals were served in the cute boxes with a treat inside of them.  Princess lip gloss for the girls!  It was so exciting and the best tasting happy meal I have ever had.   We are going to have to grab drive-thru form there more often! :)

 We followed our meals with awesome cupcakes which the kids LOVED!  Baby girl and I enjoyed one as well!  So tasty!

Abby opened her presents then modeled them...I am telling you this Girlie Girl loves her some good fashion!

And it is most certainly a good thing we celebrated early, because one week later and 10 days early Baby Sister Hayley joined the family!

Happy Birthday Abby and Welcome to the World Sweet Baby Hayley!

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