Monday, March 11, 2013

Gymnastics, She's a Natural

 From the time Elle started walking my Mom has said she is going to be a gymnast.  She is strong, loves running and looks like a little gymnast when she runs.  We started her in ballet but to be honest there is not much graceful about this girl, she is an athlete!

The gymnastics club in our city has open gyms on Monday and Friday mornings where you can take your little one and let them try everything out. My cousin and I took Elle and her son Hudson.  They had a blast, especially Elle.  She tried everything!!!

She is a natural little monkey and so grown up!

It was wonderful because they had multiple sizes of the different equipment so Elle was tall enough to try everything...

without Mommy having a heart attack.  She thought it was pretty cool!

She was a little freaked out by the foam pit, so was I.  She was in a little over her head and I had a hard time pulling her out with my belly and random braxton hicks contractions.

We are thinking she might try gymnastics in the summer after her dance class finishes.  We want to give her as many outlets as possible to burn her energy and I am sure it would be great for her to have something that is hers as she adjusts to being a big sister.

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