Saturday, March 24, 2012

Family Time

The University of Guelph is know as an agriculture school and contains a small and large veterinarian clinic.  For many years they have hosted an event in March called College Royal.  It is a chance for the University to show off it's talents and give back to the community they live in.  For years my family has attended starting when one of my older cousins was in food sciences and we would go visit her at her station.  I remember getting milk shakes and trying different food combinations they came up with.

This year we decided to take Elle to their barn to see the farm animals.  We grabbed some of her favourite people (her cousins) and lined up with all the other toddler parents up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday.

Besties waiting for their turn

Tired parents chugging our coffee' food or drink in the barn.

This cow has a plug in his side to see his stomach...I think this is a Guelph thing

Too excited to pose for a picture.

Caleb and the donkey Pok-a-dot

Abby and the Horse Abby

Matt and Elle learning the horses names

Happy Cousins

We had a great time!

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