Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crawling, Teething and a whole lot of Whining!

Elle Belle is seven and a half months old!  Wow how the time flies.  The weeks and days just seem to fly by without notice.  It seems like everyday Elle is doing something new, we really can't keep up.  She has recently started crawling.  It started with her rolling from place to place.  We would set her down with her toys and find her under the bed or up against a wall, not completely sure how she got there.  By the beginning of this week she was taking little tiny movements forward for things she REALLY wanted (tv remote, a cookie...yes we did bribe her with a "cookie" aka. rice rusk) she would take a few little crawls and then stretch out to reach what she was going for.  Now, she's crawling from toy to toy at a pretty good pace.  Matt got it on video during his lunch break so maybe I can talk him into posting it tonight.

This week her nose started to run again along with lots of whining (not normal for her) and I instantly started to worry that she got her Christmas cold back.  Having just gotten through 2 weeks of flu and colds, I was less than thrilled to be heading into that again.  Other than her nose running, she didn't have a cough which lead me to the conclusion of teething!!!  That's right, baby girl is getting her TWO bottom teeth!  I was so nervous to stick my fingers in her mouth as I didn't want to give her any germs (mean while she touches everything and sticks everything in her mouth, my freshly washed hands are the least of her worries) but Matt had no problem doing it (again my freshly washed ones were probably way cleaner but...) and found TWO teeth!!!! So we gave the girl some Tylenol and celebrated her first two teeth.  These are not great pictures but they are the best I could do!

She is starting to eat really well again.  Over Christmas holidays she kinda fell behind her food schedule due to travelling and being sick but she is back to normal and doing great.  She enjoys pure' sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados, bananas and most recently apple sauce.  I've been making all my own food because it is so easy and good for her.  I'm using all organic because there is something about the processed stuff that just doesn't sit well with me.  We recently bought Elle her highchair so she sits in the kitchen with me while I make up her food and put the extra in the freezer for later.

Finally, last weekend we celebrated Popa (my Dad's) 55th Birthday.  The family got together, put the babies down for a nap, and played street hockey in the snow.  We had an absolute blast and did not realize just how sore we would all be the next day.  We aren't kids anymore!!!  Once the babies got up from their naps Lindsay and I took Elle and Abby out to play in the snow.  Elle seemed to love it and Abby was just a good sport for her Mom.  We took them out in the sled and had to put Abby on top of Elle because she couldn't bend at all in her snow suit...poor girl.  Lindsay and I had a blast...not so sure about the girls.

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