Saturday, November 14, 2009

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

The title of this post comes from the song "Season's of Love" from the popular Broadway play RENT. Although I have never seen this play, a group at our high school used to sing this song for large events at the school and I have always loved it. I guess it stands out to me because it's about choice. So much happens in our lives but there will always be seasons of love and in those seasons we can choose to rejoice and be glad or we can focus on the struggles. Friday, at our twelve week check up, we experienced a "Season of Love". For the first time we were able to hear the baby's heart beat and this whole "pregnancy" thing became real. So far this experience has been pretty unenjoyable. I feel sick most of the day, fat at night, and am up a couple times a night going to the restroom, all without really feeling like this is much of a miracle. But for the first time as I laid on the table in the doctor's office looking at Matt this experience hit a turning point. There really is something in there, it is happy and healthy right now...and for the time being it's a girl!!!! Haha "her" heart beat was 155 beats per minute and the old wives tale is that if it's over 140 it's a girl and if it's below its a boy. The doctor told us this and then quickly said the next time you come it it could be a boy, I guess it depends how excited Goober is that day. So we still don't know the gender but I'm convinced it's a girl!!! This week we are measuring our love with little baby heartbeats!!!

Everything went really well. They did all the standard tests and will contact us if anything comes back. I have not yet gained a pound (although I am feeling chubby these days) this is appearently normal for those with bad morning sickness, it just gives me extra pounds to gain when I am feeling back to normal and have late night cravings! They seem to be taking this H1N1 thing very seriously at the doctor's offices. The office was empty when we came in with the exception of another prego woman and a brand new baby, almost like they were protecting high risk patients. They also had masks available for those who were sick or those (like me) who wanted a photo op for their blog :). Matt and I have decided that I will not get vaccinated for the flu. We feel like there is a lot of controversy around the vaccination and we are not interested in taking the risk for our unborn baby. I am just trying to rest as much as possible, eat well and washing my hands like crazy.

That's all for now. We go back to the doctor in a month for a check-up and for an ultrasound shortly after that. From here on in we have appointments every couple weeks but we are in the clear and free to spread the news to all our family and friends!!! So tell whomever you would like and invite them to follow our progress here if they are interested as well.

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